Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey guys, It's Maya. I hope you liked my designs lately and since this one had most views,likes and comments on facebook.. Well, I sent it to woozworld. And here is what they replied :D. Oh and fyi. if you want to send Your designs to woozband the email is fashion@woozworld.com ! :)


  1. I would like to design some outfits for woozworld

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  2. Ok Do You Need My WooZ world Name?

  3. ily layla! its candy here c;

  4. hi layla how did u submit the drawings?

  5. this outfit is crazy its so adoring you must send it to woozworld this thing s the best

  6. :o lovin' the outfit XD how did u make it?

  7. Well I am Prettycoconut and I drew 9 woozworld stuff if I sent it to that email what do you get? Please respond! (Add me ;D)

  8. i really need to sent mine

  9. You submit the drawings by drawing your picture at home then you scan it into your computer and send it through mail such as:
    And much more....
    I submit a drawing onto Woozworld before, It's easy these are some steps:
    1. Draw a picture of a Woozworld character in clothes that has never been on Woozworld yet.
    2. Have your parents permission (In other words: Ask your parents first if under 13) To scan your drawing (Buy a scanner from Costco or Walmart if you don't have one yet) into a scanner.
    3. Once you've scanned your drawing, go into your documents and find that picture. Send it (Or use copy and paste if need to) to your Email, G-mail or Hotmail.
    4. In your Inbox you should of received that image you sent (Or paste it only if you haven't sent it) to your mail.
    5. Once you've found that image in your Inbox, send it to Fashion@Woozworld.com.
    6. It will automatic be into the Woozworld manager's mail box. He or she will see if your's have got into the finals and become real out fits!

  10. I made an outfit how do i send it to them? XD

  11. um i dont have an email account and uh mya i am woozen-48017679 on woozworld and my woozin has problems so i cant change my name and its on the top part so would you guys plz plz plz fix it i will be very grateful if you did :)

  12. This is Earth you don't need a scanner if you make it on Photoshop then email to them